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Information on the membership of the new Committee will be available shortly.




The views and opinions expressed by contributors to this site are not necessarily those of the Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Given the extent of the Terms of Reference below, the Committee has chosen to prioritise its activity in accordance with the gifts and skills of its members and the time available for this part of their ministry.





[now known as the Theology and Worship Committee]

Terms of reference

The Queensland Synod Doctrine and Liturgy Committee will:

maintain Synod interaction with Assembly on doctrinal, theological and liturgical issues

through correspondence with appropriate Assembly Commissions and other bodies;

maintain Synod interaction with presbyteries/parishes/congregations/church members' on doctrinal, theological liturgical issues through the use of resources such as Journey, UCInfo, Synod mailings, presbytery reports; forums such as presbytery and Synod; and the development of other consultation processes;

ensure the discussion of doctrinal, theological and liturgical issues in the Synod arena through coordination with the Synod-in-session arrangements process, and the development of other consultation opportunities such as a travelling and continuing theological forum;

facilitate a travelling and continuing theological forum around the Queensland Synod to highlight and discuss doctrinal, theological and liturgical issues arising from grassroots/local interests and concerns (e.g. racism, economic injustice, sexuality, personal and corporate sin, victims of crime, land ownership, reconciliation), and the need to address general theological issues such as hermeneutics (interpretation of the Bible);

develop "user-friendly", accessible means for drawing Uniting Church members into such doctrinal, theological and liturgical consultations as are instigated;

ensure that the fruits of grassroots/local theological concerns and discussions are reflected in agendas in the Synod arena;

promote and encourage the formation of congregational, parish and presbytery based theological reflection groups, facilitating such groups by highlighting resources for discussion and the development of skills in theological discussion;

encourage and resource presbytery discussions on doctrinal, theological and liturgical issues;

promote networking among presbyteries in relation to the discussion of the doctrinal, theological and liturgical issues;

coordinate convocation(s) of clergy within the Queensland Synod to discuss doctrinal and theological issues related to ministry and ordination, and the ways in which doctrine and theology interact with practice and circumstance.



In accordance with the Assembly restructuring, the name of the Committee was changed from Doctrine and Liturgy to Theology and Worship.

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