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Cattle, Normanton, BA.jpg (42919 bytes) Cattle, Normanton     Rusty tanks in grass, AR.jpg (47238 bytes)  Rusty tanks, Mackay

Rockhampton area, HG.jpg (42494 bytes)   Pelicans on Noosa River Inlet HG.jpg (59493 bytes)   Reflections Brisbane River Moggill HG.jpg (30783 bytes)  Flood Brisbane River Moggill 1 '95 HG.jpg (32286 bytes)

 Fitzroy River      Noosa River     Brisbane River       Flood

Gold Coast, BA.jpg (70400 bytes)  Tambourine view, HG.jpg (35826 bytes)   Gold Coast, Tambourine area

Mt Barney, Q, BA.jpg (45377 bytes)  Mt Maroon, Q, BA.jpg (42977 bytes)    Mt Barney, Mt Maroon

Prickly pear, Sundown, NP, BA.jpg (36443 bytes)  Sundown National Park